Muse | Born Again Middle Aged Biker

Ducati Panigale 899 or KTM RC200?

Before you half wondering why am I comparing these two babes in the first place – let me hold your thought there and put things in perspective.

In the United Kingdom apparently we are called born-again bikers: people with a motorcycle past, who want to take up riding again. The UK traffic police even give us a nickname called the “Bambis” – born again middle-aged bikers!

So this morning a Bambi decided to walk into a bike shop again after ten years on his 38th birthday… with butterflies in the stomach… just like a little kid walking into a candy store… there are only two that the heart is fluctuating in between.

In Malaysia, we called this the “risik” stage – where one bride on a recce mission paying a visit to his prospect(s).

The first on the list is the KTM RC200. She has a bigger sibling the RC390. She is a sensible choice for a Beginner or Bambi alike. She’s got the look and a price-tag that makes any financial reversal decision less painful. The one pictured here is the 200, what a beauty!

First time looking at her in real-life, I can’t help but comparing her with the other bad-ass up in the sky. The symmetrical stealth design. The silhouette diamond cut…and the rear soft seat that make to look like a single-seater. Did I just said soft seat? Remember to give the rear-side a good pinch to really appreciate the material being used here!

Next up is what I affectionately referred to as the “BabyG”… this gorgeous red-hot Italian with Thais blood literally will sweep any testosterone charge male’s off their feet. The group pictured here is still single and available ! This first batch of 50 are the new Thai-assembled units with an attractive dowry of RM89,888.


So, who shall it be then?

Shall I go with someone that is sensible and yet still project an irresistible allure. That is conceitedly more manageable for someone like me who is after so many years not being on the saddle.

Or shall I go for the coup d-etat where I have not gone before by landing myself with one of the most desirable machine in the motorcycling world today. She is three times more powerful than anything that I have ridden in my life. Someone that I can’t take my eyes off and continue to discover new things each time I look at her.



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