First Ride – Victory Cross Country Tour

Beauty and the Beast.

Heavy..there’s only one word to describe this Beast. She looks heavy and she’s heavy. Boasting one of the biggest storage capacity in the motorcycling world further add to this equation considerably. The spec sheet said the total cargo capacity is 41 gallon which translates to almost 155 litres! Do the math once she’s fully fueled and with maximum cargo plus the rider and a pillion. I mentioned a pillion because she’s more than capable and enough space to carry more.

“She easily weighs more than 500 kg fully loaded! That’s half a tonne!”

Which is why it make a lot of sense for such mega touring bike to be equipped with combined linked-brake system in the first place. Unfortunately Victory thinks otherwise. As a result, it’s a bit of a challenge whenever she come to a stop. Due to the weight, my natural instinct is to put both legs down in order to balance and end up doubling as foot-brakes. By just depending on the front brake alone is not enough to stop the momentum. There is a risk of me losing my balance if I try to activate the rear brake. As a result I foresee my boot sole will wear out in no time. It also doesn’t help that the front brake has a vague feeling to it.


Now will these niggling braking issues deter me from riding and even considering owning one? The answer is a straight NO. Because the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

First of all, this Beast has a lot of poise and road presence. Other road users will notice you.   She is also super comfy. My other half was fully pampered on the rear ottoman seat during our ride from Sungai Long to Kuala Pilah and back via Nilai. To the point that this model become the benchmark for pillion comfort on two wheels moving forward for her.

Most big touring bike or cruiser share a common limitation – cornering and ground clearance. I’m looking at you Harley. But not this Beast. In fact I can vouch the road handling is unbelievable when you start considering her size and magnitude. It’s almost like defying the law of physics. She’s confidence inspiring to the point that I feel like I’m on the rail through the corners. All this without compromising on the ride comfort, beat that Harley. Most bikes in the same category tend to wallow through the bumps and corners.

“Riding her through the corner is like on the rail but in a touristic way! An accolade that we normally reserve for sports bike…”

Next up is the design department. She is a Beauty. Let’s start with the rear. It evokes the 60’s feeling. The classic American car design exudes all over the back. Classic can meant old but not here. In fact she’s an epitome of modern classic design. The tail-light with the matching panniers remind me of The Jetsons.

However there is one off-key note. It’s the instrument panel. The speedometer with the little blue light indicator differentiating between Km/h or MPH is just not on at all.

This Beauty also boast one of the longest and widest floorboard. Now I’m sure the engineer’s intention back in Iowa is to provide extra comfort for the rider to stretch their legs. However I have only one use for the extra legroom. It’s to tap my feet to the music! Speaking about music, the multi-speakers system is just amazing. It comes with an auto-volume control which I gladly manually over-ride whenever I come to a stop at the traffic light. Suddenly I have become one of those lunatic audiophile who blast their system while on the road. But the system is so good that you just can’t help it. It just makes you want to share that very moment with the rest of the world.

Now I’m seriously considering to own one. The one in sight is the Cory Ness Special Edition. But that’s another story for another time…


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