Muse | Victory versus Harley

Culture versus Tradition

In my First Ride review on the Victory Cross Country Tour I mentioned Harley at least twice. Victory said – “Ride one and you’ll own one”. I can now understand why based on that test ride to Kuala Pilah.

Victory Cross Country Tour
Weekend ride to Kuala Pilah

Now here’s the thing – each time I take a look at a Victory, I will compare her to another Harley. I just can’t help it. Any sensible consumer will probably do the same. But then again choosing between a Harley or a Victory is not like comparing between Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It’s ain’t Liverpool versus Man United either.

Rather it is more akin to Tradition versus Culture.

Harley has a strong tradition dated all the way back to 1903. Over the century the brand has established itself as one of the icon in the motorcyclist world. The brand loyalty is almost second to none. To own a Harley is almost like joining a cult.  That was until the emergence of Victory Motorcycles. It’s an open secret that Victory is designed to compete directly with Harley since it’s inception in the late 90″s.

Suddenly the consumer has an alternative. Hence the dilemma.

Victory Cross Country Tour
The only road this Beast couldn’t go

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