Test Ride – Honda Deauville 700

There’s something about the Red.

She first caught my eye two days after publicly being posted on Mudah.my. There’s something about the color – I have a soft spot on any machine that is Red – the color of passion. After a few clicks on Google, it was called “Bloom Red”. I was already sensing a desire blooming within.

The next morning I wasted no time and asked my riding buddy A to join me and drop by at Welly Batu Caves during Friday’s prayer. I was eagerly waiting for the key to hear her come alive. It was at this exact moment our friendly sales-guy broke the news.

“Sorry bro, she’s taken. The buyer bought with cash only yesterday.”

That was almost two weeks ago.

This morning I had my usual weekend burst up to Gap Fraser Hill with my riding buddy J. I was in a mess. Lost and confuse. I have been looking for a second ride for the last three months in preparation for the upcoming trip to Angkor Wat. After jostling the idea between either an adventure or a touring bike (and somewhere in between a cruiser) I narrowed down to touring. Top on my list are the Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX, Honda ST1300, Honda VFR1200/800 and anything that is within the same league. It will be a bonus if the prospect can match my RRV profile checklist – Red, Rare and V-twins. This was a classic analysis paralysis situation.

I convinced J to join me on the way back. The aim was to take a look a the two Blackbirds and ST units that we knew were available at Batu Caves. Especially the Blackbird which was my dream bike prior to my semi-retirement from riding more than ten years ago.

You know when someone said “If you love something let it go, if it come back to you it is yours”

Surprise, surprise. The Deauville (pronounced : [do-vil]) was still on the showroom floor. Apparently the buyer had a second thought. I took the key and went out for a spin. Once back, I put down the earnest deposit. She already checked all the three RRV boxes – Red, Rare and V-twins. But two things were still holding me back – I have yet to ride her with pillion and  I still need to test ride the Blackbird the next day.



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