Road Trip | Gorden Ride Day Zero – The Plan

This is an audacious attempt. Up to now, the furthest distance we have ridden was from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket – it took us two days to reach Phuket with an overnight stopover at Trang last year.

This year, we plan to ride to Siem Reap from Kuala Lumpur. This is the Master Plan:-

  • 4191km – according to Google Maps the total approximate distance we will be covering minus any detour (plan or un-plan)
  • 53 hours – Google says it is possible to cover the entire distance in slightly more than two days if we ride non-stop
  • 9 (+1) days – the number of days we are actually allocating to reach Siem Reap and back to Kuala Lumpur with an additional backup day
  • 5 (+1) riders – one team buddy has to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances
  • 4 brands – Two on Harleys, one Victory, one Ducati and one Honda. Triumph has to pull out while Aprilia need to be replaced by the Victory
  • 1 goal – to discover ourselves while having fun

What’s not on our Plan:-

  • Chiangmai’s 1000 corners – we have the option to detour at Nakhon Ratchasima (north of Bangkok) in the event for whatever reason we decide not to proceed to Siem Reap at the eleventh hour
  • Train ride back from Bangkok to Hatyai – we have the option to hop on a train on the return legs as backup plan

Hence we did not book any accommodation for the return legs in advance.

SR-Day0 (1)

For this trip, I got myself a Honda Deauville. There was a hiccup with my preparation for the trip.  We went for a short breakfast ride the next morning after I took delivery. She refused to start. By the time the rescue truck arrived, miraculously she just fired up. It’s an intermittent fault. Fortunately after a few trial-and-errors, diagnostics and a week later – we found out the cause. It was a faulty cam sensor. This would require further three weeks for parts delivery and replacement.

Hence lies the issue – I have no time to get familiarize with the Deauville. No time to flush out any other potential major issues since no chance to take her out for a weekend ride over a long distance. But I’m fairly optimistic on Honda’s reliability track records.

I took back the Deauville earlier this week – Monday after work to be exact. With work commitments I have no much time to prepare for anything else. The trip is happening the day after tomorrow.

I went to Givi earlier today to install the rear top box. The one in the pic is the V47 model. After lunch, I went back and reinstall with the one that I’ve originally have in mind – the Blade B47. That’s it!

Can’t wait for Friday!



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