Road Trip | Gorden Ride Day Two – Surat Thani to Hua Hin

Today, we are expected to cover a total distance of more than 450 kilometres passing through Kra Isthmus – the narrowest part of the Golden Chersonese in Southern Thailand and Myanmar.


Those who loved short-cut, you will like the idea of the Thai Canal proposal similar to the concept of the Suez Canal. It’s like the maritime equivalent of the Silk Road.

Apparently this idea was suggested as early as the year 1677. However the biggest headache continued to be environment and economy impact.

“If I’m playing the SimCity now…with the technology available in Year 3000 we can transfer all the earth escavated for the Canal and plonk it back on Straits of Johor. The two cities to the South of the canal will be united as one by land fill.  Maritime toll will be collected. Revenue will be shared between the countries located at both the North and South of the Canal. Neighbouring capital cities are more than welcome to provide loan to finance this Mega Project! Alternatively play until Year 4000 and accumulate enough profits to start the escavation…of which by then it may be too late because the Alien Invasion has started…” – an avid player since young


The Five Amigos – Ready to Ride


Breakfast beside the Tapi River at Surat Thani – the longest river in Southern Thailand


Power Snack for Lunch – along the many  PTT petrol stations that are synonymous with the Amazon Cafe


Almost there 388km away from The City of Angels (“Krung Thep”) – layby stop over at the Kra Isthmus stretch; to the left of the picture behind the mountain chain is Myanmar. The mountain chain runs from Tibet through the Peninsular Malaysia. The narrowest part has a width of only 44km! Kra Isthmus Canal, anyone?

To find out why there are two elastic nylon strings holding the Victory’s side panniers – check out the video


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