Muse | Deauville aka The Pigeon – She’s done well!

It’s almost exactly one year ago when I first set my eye on her.

We have our ups and downs but one thing for sure she never fails me when I needed her the most. Proven as reliable as she would, we rode all the way to Siem Reap and back.

Yes there was some hiccups. Such as her refusal to start up immediately after a short break when the engine is still hot. Eventually the culprit was identified – the rectifier needed a replacement. Bought the part from Singapore and got it fixed.

Hence it is a difficult decision none the less. Deep in my heart, I know it is time for me to let her go. But still it isn’t easy at all.

Both the road tax and insurance are about to expire in two days time. Need to decide whether to renew or to let her go…

Today we decided to ride to Sekinchan via Route B44 from Tanjung Malim. Accompanying her was a little bird called Scout and a big one called Thunderbird.

Indian Scout
Going off-road…long live Steve McQueen!

I swapped and test rode the Scout just after the passing the Felda Soeharto junction. Along this stretch towards Sungai Besar – the road seems like straight out from the movie San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson. It was bumpy and uneven that literally felt like we were galloping on the road.

Yet the funny thing was I can’t stop thinking of the legendary motorcycle scene from The Great Escape with Steve McQueen.

As exciting as it is, clearly the Scout feel more at home back in the urban jungle. At least we scored an A for trying to push her limit with some off road adventure.

By the time we reached Sekinchan, it was time for me to switch back to my beloved Deauville. With both the birds accompanying her on this trip, probably the omen was already there.

My riding buddies billed the Deauville as The Pigeon largely due to her stealth mode when performing overtaking manoeuvre. The exhaust is barely audible to unsuspected road user aside from a small turbine sound out from the cartoon The Jetsons. Yet she can out sprint quite a few and even keeping up with the RT’s so long we are within the 140 to 160kmh range.

The road aheads…

Looks like it’s time for me to trade the Pigeon for another bird…


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