About Us

30 years of Fun and Excitement and still clocking

People says life starts at FORTY. Mine was TEN. 1986 was the year I discovered riding (and Daglish’s Liverpool FC). Maradona waltzing over the English players at Mexico City. I figured out why we called it The Beautiful Game. Then again, I digress…but all driven by the same passion nonetheless.

Just like most kids, I started out by pedaling on three wheels. Once I manage to get rid of the 3rd wheel, the fun starts. The virgin sensation – that feeling of freedom that we can roam on a proper public road for the first time. Priceless. No more stopping, no more screaming (from adults), no more baggage just us and the open road ahead. But soon I discovered there was a small hindrance, I was limited by how far my limbs can take me.

Fast forward six years later, I had my next revelation. My Aunt was guiding me on how to ride a motorcycle. She didn’t need to. I was on my first run. I was so focus (and engrossed) that I didn’t realise my Aunt was no longer sitting behind me. For a good ol’ three hundred metres I thought my Aunt was. Turned out she actually jumped out the moment I took off ! The little girl with us that day was a Yamaha Y80 – a underbone class bike that we affectionately refer to as “kapchai” here in Malaysia. This little girl belongs to Grandma.

Few months later I finally got a chance to ride a real motorcycle.  Real equals bike with proper clutch and transmission with more than 3 gears – she was a Suzuki Panther 150. Codename TXR150. This was a courtesy from my buddy who sneaked out on his dad’s unmarked police bike! We were literally having a blast of our life.

Being a Scorpion meant I couldn’t qualify to take a driving license much earlier while most of my friends were getting theirs. But this didn’t stop me from riding until the law caught up with me. I considered myself very fortunate. This teaches me a very important lesson in life – karma is like an elastic band. We can only stretch it so far before it comes back and smack us in the face. We must know when it’s time to slow down.

It’s not how fast we can go but how fast we can stop.

Ride Safe Always.


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